I hope to use this space to collect a series of short essays I am writing as I revisit all of the films in my DVD collection. There are just over 200 films in the collection, most of which I have not viewed in several years, so I look forward to the opportunity to rewatch some of these films and provide insight into why I may have acquired them in the first place, why they have remained in my collection, and how they’ve held up since my last viewing. The collection is comprised of films from all genres and styles imaginable, and contains favorites of mine both old and new, as well as films I’ve nearly forgotten, and even a few that I haven’t seen at all. The essays will be presented alphabetically beginning with Terry Gilliam’s 12 Monkeys and concluding with David Fincher’s Zodiac, and I hope to release a new essay weekly, although this schedule may have to be altered from time to time as needed. To learn a bit more about myself and my decision to begin this project, please check out the introduction.